Entourage Download in Version 8 still possible?

How download 3D Warehouse entourage objects in Version 8? I have not upgraded yet.

You can go to the 3D Warehouse in your favorite Internet browser and download components to your computer which you can then open in SU8. Be sure not to download component versions for a newer SU version.

You can’t get to the 3D Warehouse directly from SU 8 or SU2013 anymore.

When I download a choice of 3D Entourage from the 3D Warehouse, I am not getting the Version pop down menu to choose a version. Why?

Can you share a link to the one you’re trying to download? I just randomly picked that table component and it shows those options.

I don’t know how to link an object. I’m a beginner however learning. I need a Dodge Ram Pickup in White. Kinda tame, not with huge wheels. And also I need a simple small pine tree. Both to be used in an Architectural Rendering. Thanks
in advance for your suggestions.

Version 8 of course.

I don’t know why you aren’t seeing the options. I just picked a truck and a tree at random, clicked on the word “Download” and got the version options.

Hello Dave:
Are you allowed to email those exact two models, to me, in version 8?
email: djwendling@gmail.com thanks. Joe

I don’t understand why I am not getting the version pull-downs.

I’m not in a position to download those models at the moment. What browser are you using?

Can you make a screen shot of what you see when you go to those models in the 3D Warehouse?

I like the two models that you’ve chosen. OS Windows XP, I use gmail through Mozilla.

It may be that you need to update your browser. As I said, I’m not in a position to download and send those files at the moment.

It really is time for you to upgrade all around.

Yes I know. Thanks. Project’s due on Monday. Crunch.

Sorry. I can’t help. Maybe someone else will be able to.

See your Private Messages. I’ve sent you the Pine Tree. The Dodge Ram is too big to upload even for a PM. If you reply to my private message with your email address, I’ll try to send the Dodge Ram.

OOPS - you have already given your email address. Will try with the Dodge Ram now.

Did you try a different browser other than Mozilla? XP can run IE 8. Is that updated and cache cleared?

Email from Dennis Wendling:

Hello John:

Thanks for sending the Ram Truck and Pine Tree Models last weekend. I placed them into a sketch for a township review meeting. The model made the local paper.

I’m now to fill - in a border around the parking lot, a visual barrier fence of sorts, in a hedge / scrub that’s to be around 5 - 6’ in height, in lieu of small pine trees. The scrub is to be like a hedge when completely mature. It is to have a red tint. The artist that did the Pine Tree was amazing to say the least. Does that same artist have a hedge design? Or can you recommend a model?


I’m not an architect, so have almost no experience of looking for shrubbery or tree Sketchup models. I just followed the links your other respondent on the forum didn’t have time to do for you.

I’d recommend you search the 3D warehouse for suitable ones (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com).

I found 46 results for ‘shrubbery’. I quite liked the look of this one:

And if I just search for ‘shrub’ I get 1218 results. Lots of choice!

You might be able to recolour something you like, if you need to.

I’ve lost the link to the particular Pine Tree I sent you. Look in the same place, find the artist, and search for his/her name to see if they have anything else suitable. In order not to overload your model with irrelevant detail, you could try using a 2D ‘Face me’ component. There are some examples in the 71 results I found for 'Pine Tree’.

And several pinkish ‘burning bushes’ in the search for ‘shrub’ - here’s the first ‘2D Face Me’ one I found:

I think you said in your original post (I don’t have it in front of me) that you were having trouble downloading models from the Warehouse, because you weren’t seeing the choice of version in your browser (and v8 won’t connect to the current 3D Warehouse from within Sketchup), so you should try to sort out that problem. But in case you can’t and a deadline is pressing, send me a link to any models you find that you like the look of, and I’ll download and send them.

Or maybe you were having trouble using them in Sketchup v8 if that’s all you have. To get round that yourself, you could download the free Sketchup Make 2016 (the current version), open the model in that, then Save As (version 8).

Last reply was too much in haste, and without at the time being able to see the forum thread.

Have looked again. You won’t be able to use SU 2016 on Windows XP. The latest version that ran on XP was 2013, with ‘limited support’. And that can’t like to the Warehouse directly either.

If you are using Sketchup professionally (as I guess you are) v8 was the latest that allows you to use the free (now called Make) version commercially (I think I have that right from reading a recent post about the licence terms).

For later versions, you need the Pro licence. And Windows 7 or later.

As DaveR said on the forum, probably time for new hardware, OS and SU version - but not cheap, and maybe not in time for your project!

So my offer still stands. Send me link(s) to shrubs you like the look of, I’ll download and convert to v8, and send by email or via Dropbox if too big (>10MB) for email. And you shouldn’t choose models that big just for inclusion as ‘background’ scenery.

You might find the Private Message function built into the forum useful for this.