Enter key doesn't work ( + others keys)


I know someone asked the same question 8 days ago, but I start a new topic even so.

I use Sketchup free fror years now and I’m used to the (maybe old?) keyboard shortcuts. I’m encountering these problems:

-When I enter dimensions (without first clicking in the window) I can write numbers but it is like the Enter key is inactive. I tried with . and , and ; (even copied the “mouse writing” like 50mm, 25mm) between the numbers but nothing works…

-the R (for squares) and C (for circles) shortcuts aren’t working either. Other shortcuts are working. But maybe I’m used to older versions…

Any help would be very appreciated,


Have you tried another browser? Most Web version users prefer Chrome.
Another possibility is a faulty keyboard (stuck alt or ctrl key, for instance) or Windows Sticky Keys.

Or number lock on. Sometimes even caps lock can screw with things.

ShiftLK was blocking the shortcuts.

And, don’t ask me why but Ctrl+Enter works as Enter…You lead me on the path. Thanks!

Sounds like a localization change.

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