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Hello everyone.
I just downloaded Enscape. I need a rendering engine and i ve seen amazing results from some of my fellow college students that used Enscape. I dont know how to use it but i wan to learn. I had a model and i tested (i didn do anything I just pressed the start button) , Is it normal that Enscape appears my model like this?

How does your model look if you set the Monochrome style?


i ll check, be back asap


Have you heard about the correct orientation of faces in 3D graphics software?
As you can see, your model has a lot of inverted faces (blue faces), you have to orient them correctly, with the white facing outwards.

Regarding the components that do not appear in the rendering, there is/was such a problem in V-Ray as well, maybe it also appears in Enscape.
Are the components that do not appear in the rendering imported directly from 3D Warehouse or did you use some from the Enscape library?

The best thing is to write to Enscape and ask them.

For learning

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When you use a rendering engine all reversed faces look black, all the faces must be well oriented, that means that when the style is set to monochrome all the model must be white, you have blue faces exposed, even if they have materials applied they will be rendered black.

You should also check the free courses on the sketchup website, this will teach you how to model properly so you don’t have this issues in the future.


It depends on the render engine. In many engines back faces become invisible. In others they are rendered in a dull gray.

That looks like a driver error.

Update your graphics card drivers.
I’ve also seen this happen on Intel graphics cards , which are not officially supported by enscape

maybe… you are right? The truth is i dont know about these stuff, can i buy a new one? change it?

If it is a desktop computer, then you can put a separate graphics card in.

The Intel Graphics 520 version goes back to 2015.

The best solution for you is to purchase new hardware.

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You need dedicated gpu to be able to run enscape, you have integrated graphics, that also could be causing the black faces rendered. Please correct your profile info, this could help us help you better and efficiently.