[Eneroth Railroad System] Rendering with Animation

One thing I’ve tried many times with SketchUp was rendering with LightUp while using the Animation Plugin “Eneroth Railroad System”. After seconds of running this, SketchUp would crash immediately. Is there custom ruby code to prevent such crashes if I want to render with animation?

Have you reached out to @eneroth3 directly? As the author, she may be able to help you out!

I have no experience with using LightUp myself. Is it recording a video or rendering still images?

When creating the plugin I had in mind custom code could be written in the Animation dialog to save an image for each frame and then manually create a video in a third party software. I creates a few short videos myself by using SketchUp’s own 2d export this way. If the renderer renders a video directly I suspect its timer and the plugin’s timer could interfear.

If a renderer has some sort of API so you can tell it when it should render each new frame, instead of relying on an internal timer, that could be used but I don’t know if any renderer does that. When I created this plugin I had a computer that hardly was powerful enough for a screen recording and I never even thought about rendering videos.

Btw, when you say crash, do you mean a bugsplat or that it freezes or something else?

When it crashes, it crashes with BugSplat Crash Reporter. The renderer uses interactive images, but does not create a movie, unless you have a screen recorder. When I have your “Play Animation” tool activated, along with the Render tool for LightUp (If you would like to look into LightUp, be my guest. A demo is free, by the way…), it will crash after two seconds. Since you have published many extensions, it may be accurate to call you a Developer, isn’t it? If you look at the code for LightUp, is it possible to derive a conclusion about why your animation plugin isn’t compatible with LightUp? Let me know if you’ve found out.

are you sending them in?

it’s a commercial product, @AdamB would be a better person to ask…


Yes, I do send the report to SketchUp. Asking @AdamB is probably a good idea.

If it’s not a clash between two timers both trying to update the view simultaneously I don’t know what could cause this.

Please understand that the Eneroth Railroad project is not being maintained. I won’t document, investigate or solve bugs anymore. This was one of the first plugin I ever created when I was still very new to Ruby as a language and SketchUp plugin development in general. The plugin’s internal structure (or lack of it) makes it impossible to work with any further. Rewriting the plugin from scratch would take hundreds of hours and I just don’t have the time for it. I wrote most of this code when I was still in high school, living with my parents, having no bills to pay and no work to do. That time is over.

The last version was published over 2 years ago. This version has the number 0.1.21 meaning it’s the 21st patch to the first minor release before there had even been any stable release. If you like to play with the plugin that is great and you can report the bugs you find so others now about them but you must understand bugs in this plugin will not be fixed.

I am not a developer, myself, so even if I looked at the code, it wouldn’t be like I could tell the difference. Anyway, thanks for the notice. The Eneroth Railroad System plugin works just fine.

LightUp takes over regular Sketchup displaying while active. If you have plugins that animate Components / Groups by changing their Transform, LightUp should pick this up just fine. As Eneroth says, if Railroad is trying to update displays and LightUp is trying to update displays and many things in SketchUp Ruby APIs have changed in the last few years… it could be anything.

As a general suggestion, document the steps required to fully reproduce the problem with as simple a model as possible and post it here. Without this, its unlikely the problem can be resolved.


The steps to do this are to play the animation in the Eneroth Railroad System (Make sure a train is moving, the most ideal way to do this is make a circle or a loop of track to make a train run), then activate your “Tour Tool”. And after a few seconds, BugSplatReporter should take the place of the SketchUp Icon if it isn’t already in your dock. You can do anything before this, and the result won’t change.