Eneroth Open Newer Version

only supported by 64 bit Windows is circled two post above yours…

your profile says your on a mac

are you trying from bootcamp?


That was my fault, I suggested it, not even thinking that it was Windows only. It installs on Mac perfectly well, and then for me calls a shell script under Parallels. It was only Catalina file permissions that stopped it working for me.

But, not everyone on Mac has Windows 10 running at the same time on the same machine as Mac SketchUp running.

Franco did go on to start his own post about his case, which hopefully will have a happy ending, if it is the sample files I think he is using, because they come with 2016 versions.

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Hello. Faced with this error, can you tell me how to fix it? The system is 64-bit. SU 2019.

Just a guess, but your User-name in Windows does not follow the recommended format [ASCII character letters and numbers only] - seems to be in Cyrillic ?
Windows / Ruby / VBS can trip up on this kind of thing…

Why o why did i not find this years ago :innocent:
This is a blessing :slight_smile: thanx a bundle @eneroth3!
Likewise, @ work SUP2021 and @ home SU2017.

Hello, thank you for this very usefull extension !
I there any planned update to support 2022 sketchup files ?

Do you have v1.0.7 ?

It was updated to support 2021, and that should make it work with 2022 as well.

FYI: With the 2021 release the SKP file format was overhauled to make it versionless.

So if the user has SketchUp 2021 (or higher) they no longer need such an extension as SketchUp can now natively open model files created with any older or newer SketchUp version.

When the user saves a model that was originally saved with a newer version (than they have,) SketchUp will warn them that they might lose newer features.

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I do have the latest version, but its still not working.

I’m running Sktechup Make 2017 on Windows 11 64bits.

There does seem to be a difference between what versions are said to be supported, and what happens when you point to a 2022 file.

@eneroth3 may have suggestions.

As said above …

There is no way that SketchUp 2017 could have foretold the later change in SKP file format.
So the version of the API which is embedded within SU2017 would likely not know how to open the newer (post 2020) SKP file format.

It might be possible for this extension (or a standalone command line utility) to create a converted copy of post 2020 SKP files and backsave to 2017 format using a recent version of the SketchUp C API.

Manually, you may be able to open the newer file in the web edition and download it to your computer in 2017 format.

The file open_newer.rb hasn’t been updated since August 2021 and still contains the line:


Change that to 22 and you’ll be good to go. Look for the file in the plugs\ene_open_newer folder.

Strange that the Extension Warehouse lists this as compatible with 2022. A small oversight I’d guess


Perhaps change it to 30, to keep you going for many more years!

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I’ve finally had the time to update the extension! Now 2022 and (hopefully) all other versions released in a near future should be supported.

Sorry for the delay.

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