Empty Layers Pallet

I recently got Sketchup 2019 on my later Mac. As I learn on Youtube, they are building layers in the layers pallet with groups and components to organize. My layers pallet remains empty. I can’t figure out why I can’t get the layers to work correctly?

You have to create the layers to give to the groups and components. Click on the + in the circle at the top of the Layers panel and you should get a new Layer. give that layer a useful name. Repeat the process for additional layers. Remember to leave Layer ) active at all times. ALL edges and faces should have Layer 0 assigned to them and only the components and groups in the model are given other layers.


The tutorial I’m watching has included in the layers the groups and components. Mine are separate little windows not working together. I try hovering over the layers to add groups, but the window won’t go into the other pallet. In other words the layering, grouping and components aren’t working together in an organized way.

You can drag the different palettes together, and the top of the one you are dragging will snap to the bottom of other palettes (except for Colors).

The window that can show the groups and components in a list is Outliner, not Layers.

Thank you.