Layers don't work - sketchup 2019


I’ve been using sketchup for more than 10 years and just upgraded from sketchup 8 to sketchup 2019.
I always group my lines and assign them to layers in order to keep everything organized and shut layers down when the drawing is getting to heavy to run smoothly.
Today I installed 2019 and I get the layers to function as they used to. There used to be a tab where you could easily make new layers and assign them. Now all I have is 1 drop down bar with no way to add new layers or to assign layers in an easy way. Am I missing something?

sketchup 2019

thanks in advance!

Since 2016 ish the windows you will be used to are now part of trays instead. Try going to Window and check Default Tray from there. The layers tray should be already on there.

You show the layers “toolbar” in your screenshot which shows the current layer state or the layer which selected entities reside.

Layers DO work in SU2019.

Ian’s got it in one.

You should have the Default Tray out at least so you can expand it and access the panels since you’ll be using them frequently.

Thank you! I didn’t seem to notice that everything that used to be a single tab is now combined in the default tray.

It’s easier to keep it all tidy that way.