Empty <geometry> in exported (Colada) .dae-file

When i export this
generates an error.skp (70.9 KB)
into a Colada .dae-file then i get an empty geometry, in my .dae-file

In my real file the .dae-file got a lots of them so i’m stuck and can work with the file.
Can somebody help me?

Worked for me. I also exported a kmz (embedded dae) to Google Earth and it rendered.

So, based on the difference between what Barry got and what you got, perhaps you could spell out in detail the steps and settings you used, and also complete info about the model of Mac and OS X version you are using. Someone here may then be able to spot the issue.

I’m using Mac OSX 10.8.5, SketchUp Make 15.3.329.
The export result contains: (with ‘<’ and ‘>’, this editor couldn’t handler them)
geometry id=“ID22”
mesh /
which make the other program to crash.

My .dae-file is this generates an error.dae (7.6 KB)

Um… then it’s the other program’s issue, correct?

I don’t think Apple says the same. One of the program that crash is Preview.app in OSX. I can’t find in Colada than empty gemetry is allowed, or is it?

Yea, I was being flip, sorry.

Remove the empty mesh and it works, that is, delete these three lines:


> 145         <geometry id="ID22">
> 146             <mesh />
> 147         </geometry>

p.s. - I got that idea from confirming the dae wasn’t OK by running this on my Mac:

xmllint --noout --schema http://www.khronos.org/files/collada_schema_1_4_1.xsd generates\ an\ error.dae

then cutting those lines and opening in Preview.

I tried a different approach and grouped the geometry before export and the dae opened in Preview fine…

it also validates…


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Thanks for the idea John,
I manage the error by exploding and grouping the sub model outside my original model and the error disappeared.
Strange though that SketchUp could generate this kind of errors.

The problem was that those lines was generated by SketchUp and to remove those lines I have to do it in a dirty way, by introduce an extra step in my project builder that clean those empty geometry each time I change any thing in my model. Which I think is not the right way.