Emailing a drawing

How do I email a make dwg? Asaspapa

You probably should have mentioned which email client you’re using, so I’ll give you a generic answer. If you don’t provide relevant information to back up your question, there’s only so much anyone can do for you.

The model file (it’s not really a drawing) has the name *.skp. It should be located in the folder on disk specified in Window > Preferences > Files.

You can attach a skp. file to an email like any other attachment:

  • Drag and drop from a folder directly onto the email, open in the

  • Use the mail client’s Attach command, probably represented by
    a paper clip icon.

  • If the .skp file is too large and your email client balks, you can try creating a zip file (compressed archive file) and sending that.

  • Alternatively, you could post the .skp file on a public file server (like Google Drive) and send a link to it in your email.


also, some mail servers/forums etc… require you to zip files that aren’t on their approved list…


And many corporations etc. also restrict the allowed size for file attachments (25MB for where I work, for instance).