SketchUp model will not load after E-mailed

When I e-mail a sketch up file to my contractor he cannot get the model to load.

Both using 20156 , This message appears.

This does does not appear to be a sketchUp model.

Are you sending the SKP file or the SKB [backup] file ?

If it’s the SKP and there are still issues, then have you looked at Zipping it before emailing ?
The recipient needs to UnZip…

I’m sending the SKP…

I will try Zipping it before I send it . it is only 1.6

You might also try uploading it to DropBox or the 3D Warehouse and send him a link.

I’ll let you know how the ZIP file worked out. The file I sent to him in January he has no problem with.

Maybe its Windows 10 screwing me up

Wow guys the zipped folder did the job.
Thanks much.
He is importing my timber frame drawing into his auto cad for the SIP shop drawings