Problem emaling SU files

I have Window 7 and Yahoo email. Just lately when I want to send an SU file as an attachment in an email, I get the message shown in the attachment here .
Any idea about what is happening?
Thank you.

How big are the files?


zip it

… or use Google Mail.

Mail servers do not look inside attachments, just pass them on as lumps. So the fact that your upload was a SU file is irrelevant unless you are also using a web-based email client that tries to display all attachments. Even then, it should show it as an unrecognized file type and let you download it, not refuse to process it.

It seems more likely that Gully is right and you have exceeded the size limit for Yahoo email attachments - though it would have been nice if they gave you a clearer message. In any case, you should contact Yahoo to clarify the problem; again, it has nothing specific to do with SketchUp.

do you have any special characters ( #, $, /, Accents, Umlaute etc.) in the directory names of the path to the file?

to check put the file to the Windows Desktop and try again.


Perhaps you should get yourself an account on one or more “cloud” drives, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and others. Then you can upload your file to your cloud drive, from which you can provide controlled access and simply send people a link via email. It really makes sense for large files, making the data transfer process rather less iffy, and conserving bandwidth to boot.


Hi Gully,
The files I tried to email are different sizes like 75 KB, 215 KB. Seems to me they are small.

I have Dropbox and I can share SU files with it but what brings my
attention is that I was able to email the SU files with no problem before
and now I cannot.

Are you still able to attach other kinds of files without problem?

I can attach other files with no problem. I also noted that when using my gmail, I can attach the SU files. The problem is only with my yahoo email (?)

It sounds sort of like, “Doc, it hurts when I do this.”


It is more like, "Doc it hurts when I breath :smile: ", because I use yahoo mail 99% of the time.

Having the same problem - just noticed it today I bet it is a bloody W10 update bug.

All of a sudden I cannot drag and drop SU files into my outlook email - I get an attachment and it looks like the file was successful but no file size is shown and when I examine the sent email it shows as only 4k…

If I load the attachment via the outlook menu system it works and appears as it has been for 20 years, but drag and drop No!

Other files work fine… jpg, png etc

If I right click on the file in explorer and say send via email, it works

anyone got a fix or a similar problem?