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My tutor has asked for us to create a model and render it, as well as render an elevation from the 3D model. I’m struggling with this last part, I’ve gone to the camera and selected “left view” but I’m guessing this is not the correct way to get the elevated view of the whole wall to render. What is the correct way to do this.

Thank you

Under camera select Parallel Projection then chose the view (Left View). You can play around with styles to achieve the look you want.

As has been said, use Parallel Projection and the various axial views, zooming as needed.
Use some scene-tabs to remember your views and zooms.
To make a view that is looking perpendicular to a non-orthogonal face, first choose the face and then use the context-menu item “Align View”…

Thank you, I have the view I want wth this now, when I go to render with vray it renders outside of the model so I’m left with the exterior walls

Are you rendering an interior or exterior elevation? Can you post a screenshot of your issue?

an interior, this is the elevation I got from using the steps above, however, when I select render in vray, I’m left with the outside exterior wall

First check - view your SKP model in Monochrome mode, using a Style which has a distinctive back-face color set - say bright-blue, compared to the front material of off-white.
If you see ‘blue’ it’s badly modeled and faces need reversing OR single face planes need to be given some thickness - nothing in the real world has no thickness - even a sheet of paper has two separate faces !

I suspect that your external wall is a single skin with a reversed face facing inwards.
So the external material gets seen / used internally.
Most renderers do not consider back-face materials - depending on the app it can end up using the front-material, a white, black or transparent material !

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I coloured the exterior walls and reveresed the faces, I’ve rendered with the coloured face on the exterior and interior, however the render shows green (colour of choice.

At this stage how can I add thickness to the walls seeing as I didn’t offset before I started the model

Monochrome mode shows the default material only.
The front and back colors need to be set in the model’s current Style.
Then you can see if a face needs reversing.
After everything is facing the right way, repaint the internal ‘front’ faces [as seen in your render] with your desired materials and try another render.

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