Elevated mobius band

New here and not sure if this is the place to ask the question (:slightly_smiling_face:
After hours and hours of watching tutorials and downloading extensions and I am still struggling to model the attached structure.
Its a project for my studies and I am wondering if someone here could give me some help with it.
If this is the wrong place to post something like this please let me know


With Vertex Tools and Truebend


and with native tools


Here’s an option from 10 years ago.

Thanks Mihai and Box.
I was able to draw a mobius strip, I am more struggling with this more 8 shaped like form from my model.
Don’t know how to explain, but it needs to be more 3 dimensional.
Its gonna be a shell for a beach cafe and it needs this kind of a half roof
But thanks a lot for your time and help

Draw by hand what shape you want to get (as an idea).

So is this a college project or a commercial project?

@mihai.s The last solution is not a Mobius ribbon

It is a college project

Hi Sturnus
This looks exactly like what I have in my mind.
Great work
How did you do it ?

To understand it better, do the following:
Draw four lines on your real model as below:
(you can do it before gluing by dividing the strip into four parts. Remember that the lines are on both sides)

look at these lines (equal length) and map their location in the SU (
use CurviLoft Extension to create the band

That’s all

Looks great, sounds pretty easy, but I somehow do not get it done.
I somehow struggling to control the band running around my lines.
Never looks like the way it should.
Any chance to get a little video of how you do it ?
Don’t know how complicated and time intense it is for you.
But thanks again anyway

See this SU file I did in 2005 when I was still a newbie. Complicated but it works.

Moebius_strip.skp (108.6 KB)

Thanks Jean
Looks good, but is not exactly what I am looking for.
=I worked out different ways now how to draw a classic Mobius band, also with the help from al lot of people from this forum.
Thanks again.
I need a band that looks like the one That Sturnus shows on g=his post.
More 3 dimensional