Moebius Strip for 3D-Print

I’m not able to build a Moebius Strip. Who could help me?

Can you share the SKP file that you are trying to print?
Returns many examples.
However, for 3d-printing you need a ‘solid’, and by definition a Moebius strip needs its back-side to morph into into its front-face, and it’s a single 2d face twisted.
Adding the 3d form to make a true solid is your challenge…
There are tools to extrude a surface into 3d - like Fredo’s JointPushPull - but at some point the 3d ‘extrusion’ will not join up in 3d…
It is fixable, but needs considerable effort…

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You can use Spirix to rotate any outline 180 degrees while revolving 360 degrees around the z-axis. Here’s a simple example:



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