Electric symbols too small, text too large on export (Oob plugin)

I started using Oob for electrical elements, and it works OK, except for the fact that when I try to export them, the electrical signal is very small, but the text is is big it just unreadable with 2 devices next to each other. I tried to edit the devices but since they are components, they all move together. Its gonna be very time consuming to make them all individual devices. Any other ideas?

thank you

You might want to contact the author: Oob electrical plugin for SketchUp

I sent him an email a few days ago, but no answer :frowning:

I couldn’t get any sort of users guide from the website without buying the extension and I’m not going to do that. Maybe you could share your model so we can see if there’s anything to be done.

The user manuals are sort of youtube videos
here is the model:

Well, it looks like the fixtures and stuff go in as components so you can scale those. If you open one component instance and scale the content, the other instances will scale too.

If you get into the components so you can select the text, you can edit the size of the text, too.

Personally I wouldn’t use the text in SketchUp no matter how it was created. I would add labels in LayOut instead.

By the way, I notice you are using tags incorrectly. Untagged should always be the active tag.
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Fixed the incorrect tag usage.
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And it’s a good idea to purge the unused stuff once in awhile.
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Thank you Dave. Yes, I guess it would be easier with this size of a model, but next I have to do a 20x size this one, and its just such a waste of time. I am thinking about moving over to Archicad (I got the model there), but I never used it and I like to do everything in sketchup. But it might wort the effort…

There must be some option with the extension to set the size of the components but maybe not. I suppose you could dig into the components and edit them for the extension.

How did you get the plan from Archicad into SketchUp? If you used DWG, did you use the right import unit (the same that was used when saving from Archicad)? Or did you save a SKP model from the 3D view?