Electric plans - Linking objects to lines so the line moves when the object is moved

Hi all,

I am trying to find a way where a line end follows an object.

To give some context, This is for drawing electric plans.

In the picture i have a circle and the end of line in the centre of the circle.

Is there a method to join the circle and end of the line together so when i move the circle the line will follow ?



You can leverage a leader

  1. Turn the line into a leader
  2. It doesn’t appear to matter which end you apply the arrow style to or whether you apply it to both ends.
  3. Double click the line to edit the path.
  4. Select the node that you wish to attach to the object, move it away and then back again.
  5. Voilà !

It doesn’t matter what arrow style you use and after you’ve attached the node to the object you can remove the arrow style and the line retains the ‘leader’ ability.



Paul, Thank you so much , perfect answer with the video. :raised_hand:

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