Connect, i.e. "weld" line end to component not possible?

When I draw a line to another line, for example to the middle of the existing line, the new line not only snaps to the existing line but is also connected, i.e. “welded” to the existing line. If afterwards I move one of the connected lines, the connection point remains connected, and the endpoint of the respective other, connected line is moved as well.

How can I connect a line in the same way to a component such that the line end moves together with the component when the component is moved? Is it true that this is not possible?

Share an example file that shows what you are trying to accomplish. Edges that intersect in the same context will attach to each other. Depending on what you are trying to do, it may be that you need to make the correct selection. Or maybe the two edges need to be in different contexts.

If I draw a simple cube and connect a line to it, the line end is welded/glued to the cube. When I then move the cube, the line end will move as well.

However, when I group the cube or make the cube into a component, I can’t seem to weld/glue line ends to it anymore.

So is this not possible?

That’s what should happen.

Not if the edge is outside of the component. That’s one of the reasons for creating components or groups; to maintain separation of the geometry. If you want the edge to be connected to the geometry of the cube, open the cube component for editing and add the edge. Or just select the edge and the cube component and move them at the same time.

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I don’t want to connect the complete line to the component or group, only the line end.

So I suppose this is definitely not possible, correct?

It sounds like you want to create a “mate” as some CAD programs call it. That’s not an option in SketchUp. What is it you’re really modeling? Are you still using SketchUp 2018 as your profile shows?

Suppose I have two cubes or spheres connected with a single line. Now I want to move either of the cubes/spheres around in space and want the line always stay connected to the two cubes/spheres.

Particularly, I want to connect the centers of the cubes/spheres with the line. So this is not possible?

I am currently in the free SketchUp Online in the browser.

No, that’s not possible.

There are some extensions like Animator that can make it look like things are connected as they move but SketchUp Free doesn’t have any way to use extensions.

Please update your profile.


What I’ve done now, I’ve created the two spheres and added a short help line that starts at the center of the sphere, for each sphere.

Then I connected the two spheres by drawing a connecting line between the two short help lines that are inside the two spheres. The ends of the connecting line are then automatically welded/glued to the two help lines.

If I now select a sphere and its help line, I can then move the sphere (together with its help line) around arbitrarily in space, and the connecting line between the two spheres follows and stays connected to both sphere’s centers.

So I guess that’s a good, simple workaround?

It is if it works for you.

I see you changed your profile to show that you are using SketchUp 2021 as well as SketchUp “Online”.Why did you just update to SketchUp 2021? Is that the cracked version?

The 2021 version is a guess. I’m actually on a PC where Sketchup is not installed, and haven’t used Sketchup for years really anyway.


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