Editing PlaceMaker Terrain

Greetings! How would I go about editing the terrain in PlaceMaker?

I’m still in search of the ideal method of editing (i.e. re-grading) land forms, but on a recent project, I found what PlaceMaker had for landform was much worse than the town’s own GIS system, which itself isn’t perfect, especially compared to our surveyor’s contours, but they only cover the project’s property, not the surroundings. My hybrid solution was to use the GIS system contours as a context, and projected the PlaceMaker aerial photo (which was excellent) onto it. For the project itself, I had to use the surveyor’s contours and then blend the GIS contours into them so they would match. It was all quite tedious. I still can’t make sense of North from different source and have to fudge that to fit.

Still experimenting with regrading. Solid tools has helped to reshape the existing landform to new shapes, but I’m no master.

(I posted a video in my gallery thread here.)

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Thanks for the info, though it isn’t exactly helpful. I’m not sure what GIS is, but I may do some research. Definitely can’t hire a surveyor.

I thought about using artisan to re-shape the ground, but I don’t think the mesh provided by place maker is compatible with artisan, as I think it works with quads.

Oh, sorry. Geographic Information System. Where I am in Connecticut quite a few towns have them. When I looked into a property in Vermont, I found the town didn’t have one, but the state did. It’s hit or miss whether your location is mapped on one.

True, I ended up totally discarding the PlaceMaker landform and replacing it with one built with contour lines and SU native Sandbox tools. I have used Vertex Tools in the past, though not here. Have you looked at them and SUbD?

In a sense, by response is “I have this question too.” @Daniel_Tal is the real expert to ask. He’s partly behind PlaceMaker, I believe.

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