Edges and lines removal

Good afternoon,
How are the lines and edges removed or hidden on the object in the model. The geometry was started with a rectangle then expanded in two half circles combined, and using the smoove tool from the sandbox.Some of the lines are from the outline of the rectangle and the other lines and edges in the middle of the rectangles are leftover from using the smoove tool. I’m trying to remove or hide the lines and edges to improve the appearance of snow. I already tried going to “View” and clicking on “Hidden geometry” but it didn’t remove all of it. And the Display trey under Styles, was unable to find the correct tool, I selected edges, but it removed edges from other objects that was not the goal. thanks
2024-03-07 095924|690x400](upload://gsMOMcxHHS4Ybj2gqkkEmPLxhAD.png)

upload the model, the .skp here.