Edge Tools 2 Text Box Too Small

When I use Edge Tools 2, the text box that reports results is too small to read (see image - upper left corner). Zoom in/out does not affect the text size. How can I enlarge this text? This is on a Mac.

It looks like the text display code doesn’t honor Retina. If you run SketchUp in Low Resolution mode, the text appears at a sensible size.


You can alway use macOS’s Accessibility features to zoom in on any program. System Preferences / Accessibility / Zoom / Use Scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom.

I can hold ⌘ and zoom in on any program with the scroll wheel.

After SU2017 it should automatically adjust according to DPI. What version is this?

I was testing in 2020.1 at the time I expect. The text is still small in 2020.2.


This is on a mac with high DPI monitor?

Do you see this on Windows with high DPI monitor?

This one screenshot shows a lot. On the left is 2020.2 set to run in non-Retina mode. In the middle is regular Retina mode, and on the right is 2021 in Windows 10 set to 125% scaling.

All on my internal 16 inch MBP Retina screen.

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hm… I need to review the text drawing and DPI again.