Edge of plane intersecting a sphere don't show

I have created a sphere and bisected it with a plane. The result shows the surfaces, but the edge where they intersect. ( a circle) is no shown as an edge which is what I am trying to do. I am trying to draw circles on the surface of the sphere. Anyone have an idea how I can do this? Sorry, my computer is not connected to the net so I can’t upload a pic. I am using Sketchup 8 on a Mac

Make sure you are in the context of the sphere if you want to seperate its surface.
To draw a circle on a sphere, you can use the plugin Tools on surface by Fredo6, but you should learn to do it with the basic tools first!

Position a cylinder so it penetrates the sphere where you want a circle, then select the cylinder wall and then right-click > Intersect with Model.

The idea is you’re using the cylinder like a cookie cutter, using it to scribe a circle where it penetrates the sphere and Intersect is invoked.

Obviously, you can use this same cookie cutter method to scribe any shape on any 3D object.


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Thanks guys! The intersect with model was the trick. I did that with the plane and sphere and got the circle I was after! I’m going to look at the tools on surface plugin too

Ok, I thought you meant intersection with bisection…