Edge color by face color

We need a routine that will allow selection of face and apply a different color to the edges.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but there is an option in the Style’s window that allows “Color by Material”. It will color the edges to match the material applied to the group/component.

I know of this procedure.
What I would like to do is color the edges of a face a slightly different color for rendering purposes.
I have been doing this edge by edge manually which becomes very time consuming.
I was hoping that some had written a routine where you could select the face and then select a different color and apply to the edges.

With Thomthoms selections tools you can reduce the selection to the edges (select only > edges) and color them all at once…

Hi JimJam,

Why paint one edge at a time when you can paint them with one click?

Learn more about SketchUp’s powerful modifier keys.
Select Tool Modifier Keys
Paint Bucket Modifier Keys

Double click on a face = Select face and bounding edges
Ctrl+Shift click on the face = Deselect face … Bounding edges remain selected
Paint just one of the selected edges = Paint ALL selected edges

Your posts leave us with more questions than answers.
It would help us help you if you would share a model illustrating what you’re trying to accomplish.

How you go about this (quickly) depends a great deal upon modeling context.
One could use a combination group and face material attributes to great advantage here.
With no knowledge of your model organization we can only waste your time and ours time guessing.


Thanks. I will check it out.