Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Does anyone remember Rat Fink?


I remember that car. I think I had a scale model of it a long time ago.

Are you going to model it in SketchUp? Or maybe @TheOnlyAaron would like to do it in a live stream.

That dude was way ahead of his time and yes I do remember him.

There only seems to be a “heart” option here… but I feel like that idea is a stinker.

I really only remember the cartoon rat:

If he was actively MAKING cars, I didn’t know.

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Some more by Big Daddy:




Oh, yeah. I remember a few of those. I can’t remember if he did the Munster’s car, or it was just inspired by his work.

If I remember right, it was Barris who did the Munster mobile.

Didn’t he design and build the Munsters “dragula” ?

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No. George Barris designed both the Muster Koach and Dragula.

Are you maniacs underestimating the impact of Rat Fink?? I thought it was only a Southern California phenomenon. In my Jr. High we got into trouble and were severely reprimanded for making T-shirts and gear with Rat Fink Club printed on the front. We were accused of being a gang related club that should be punished with study hall after school. It was the coolest graphic ever. It was related to Slot Cars which is another obsession that should be drawn in Sketchup. I’m scared to do it if my Principle is still out there to put me in detention. Cheers.


He was a big deal when I was growing up in Tennessee. I built several car models, including this one (complete with Rat Fink style driver):


I also had the Hot Wheels set:

My school notebook was covered with Rat Fink and similar stickers.

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