Aaron's Next Live Model

I might be spreading/starting rumors again. :crazy_face: :beers:


I love that, even if it is fantastically ugly. Is it something home built, or really a production model?

I don’t know what it is but I suspect it’s a one-off. I searched Google for more images or other info and couldn’t find anything.

I suspect it’s a man with small feet trying to compensate for something.

I was thinking it was built by a guy whose kid wanted something to drive to school but was being a pain.

Whatever the reason behind it, if the door alignment is anything to go by, I bet there are lumps in his Pa pier-mâché.

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What’s the car in the background with a double rear axel? What have you got that requires four tires on the ground in back instead of two?

I think that’s two cars, one behind the other. You can see the hood up on the rear one which appears to be red and someone looking at the engine.

Optical illusion.

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So it’s not this hiding back there?

I don’t think so but who knows? Maybe.

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I remember the 6 wheel williams from back then, it never raced but there was talk about it. Several 6 wheel fronts did race for a bit.
Interesting article on the williams if you are into that sort of thing, some famous names being dropped when they were effectively nobodies.

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I see! You’re probably right. I guess I’m just projecting images of the the staff car in Hogan’s Heroes or the fictional one in Wonder Woman.

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Looks like twin AC ACE Roadsters, or more likely Shelby AC Cobra conversions of the body type if this is the US as the plate suggests. Cool.



I think you’re right. Once you know what you’re looking at, you can see it: Two windshields, two roll bars two rear fenders… It’s funny that at first glance it just looked like dual rear axles.


Going by the rudder and stabilizers, what we might be looking at is a glass bottomed boat upside down.

Another idea for @TheOnlyAaron’s live modeling…

From Harry Grant Dart (1869 - 1938) 1908 illustration for the October edition of The All-Story.