Easy and fast Scaling of a Corpus with Doors: Keeping the Thickness of the Panel Material

To change the measurements of an existing Corpus, I tried the extension FredoScale.

Example with the task of increasing the widthness:


You have to move the middle plane twice before you increase the widthness.

Is there any way (with any extension) to scale such a corpus with doors more easily?

Generating a corpus is a frequently used standard task, therefore I’m looking for a fast method.

The paradigma is always the same: Changing measurements but keep the thickness of the plane material.

How do you solve such tasks please? Thanks.

First thing is that non German speakers cannot access that link.

Secondly, it is unclear what a “corpus” is. Is it what we would normally call a door panel (ie. the bits between the stiles and rails)?

Are you using the correct tool from Fredoscale?

I’m sorry, I didn’t know that the link to the GIF is not available without a login.
Here it comes as an upload:
The GIF is created by Jörg Jäckle.

I talked to the admin of the german Sketchup forum. From now the links to pictures are visible without login.

What do I mean with corpus?
sidepanels plus top plus bottom plus back, without doors.

As you can see in the GIF, I used the same Fredo Tool as you did.

Is it clear now, what I mean?

A corpus is what I would call a carcase.

I don’t use FredoScale so I can’t advise beyond saying that I suspect you don’t really want to be scaling at all.

You could make it a Dynamic Component although it may not be worth the hassle. You can easily do what you want quite quickly using native tools.

Use ‘Ctrl’

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Thanks a lot!
It works perfectly. (For macOS it is the meta key “ALT”, not “CTRL”)

What’s not so easy: to find out the correct order of actions (mouse click and keyboard meta keys)

I will look for a written tutorial.