Easiest way to make a site-plan?

I am supposed to do a site-plan I have recieved a file in PDF and DWG.

I cant import PDF to sketchup and the DWG file turns out to this

Sketchup doesnt catch up all the details. What can I do?

It depends on what you need to produce in the end. Place a building? Grading contour lines? I don’t rely 100% on SketchUp and Layout for everything on site plans, but maybe that’s all you have to work with? Geolocate some aerial photo either with native SketchUp or the Place Maker plugin?

Does that make a reference to Linköping, Sweden?

Yes, it is Sweden :slight_smile:
In Sweden, I got DWG files from Kommun Office twice and they didn’t import properly each time. I had to use another program as a translator. Can you attach DWG file?

Yes, Sweden Linköping.

I can attach DWG file to skecthup, however all things in the autocad file doesnt get transfered when I import it to Sketchup (see photo different from autocad to skecthup)

Yes, i refer to Linköping, Sweden. It is some kind of law here that you need to order a special “map” called new-building-map by the kommun. They come out and measure hights and so on. It cost around 300 dollars. And on that special map I am supposed to draw in where my building is going to be located relative nearby building and other property lines. Also what building heigh relative the envoriment around the house.

This is an example of what a map could look like when finished:

So uhm yes, this is what dwg/dxf looks like in SU. It only imports lines, and depending on your version, keeps the dashed lines aspect.

Right off the bat, looking at your problem, I guess I would import the dwg in SU, model the elements I need is the rectangular plot (it is correct, as far as the dwg was correct), then :

In a layout file of the right size (A2, A1…) import the dwg and use it ad a background (it should import quite clean as a vector file)
On top of this background, I would import a view from my SU file (parallel view, from the top) and scale it properly so it fits nicely on top of the background (1:1000 if I read correctly your file)

The issue here is that they gave you a file ready to print so you’ll need to combine it in Layout with your design.
Positive point is, considering the example you’re showing us, you were going to need to go to Layout anyway to add the informations about the new project :slight_smile:

You did not understand me. I mean you should put the DWG file here. We’ll see if it’s not a problem with importing the file

Your screenshot is from the paper space sheet view in AutoCad. SketchUp only imports what is in the model space. It also doesn’t import any annotation objects (dimensions, text). You might have better luck importing the DWG into LayOut. To me it looks like the map you got from the municipality is not quite finished yet - there are no dimensions to the plot boundaries, no city planning information and no contours - should there? I must refrain from more guesses - Swedish regulations are similar but not quite the same as the ones here in Finland.
Are you building a house for yourself? I would guess that engaging a professional to prepare your building permit documents would save your hair from turning prematurely gray.

I’ve been close. My wife has relatives in Vikingstad which I’ve visited. I believe one is a builder. We saw the beginning of his house under construction which used shallow, insulated footings which I hadn’t seen done before, only read about.

A number of comments have already been made. You need contours for average grade and height of the building, etc., and I don’t see them even in the pdf drawing. You are in a different country, but here, we often are required to get a base drawing from a licensed surveyor. I have no idea what your regulations are.