Importing DWG to SketchUp Go

Hi there,

I am using SketchUp Go web version in Google Chrome.

I am importing a Site Survey in .DWG as I want to drop a new unit onto the site plan (an outdoor office).

I am able to import the file and I can see it in the imported file dialogue. However it’s not clear to me how I actually get the site survey into my scene and start to draw over it.

Does any have some guidance to help me?


It’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening from your description. Sharing your .dwg and SketchUp files would help us help you.

2113 SITE PLAN EXPORT TO BILL 12-13–2021.dwg (1.0 MB)

That is the DWG file. I don’t have a Sketchup file as I wanted to start with this site survey and work from it.

I see the site plan in my imports but I can’t bring it into my Sketchup file to draw featured on top of it. I am teaching myself how to use it here…


Just to say, I am using the web version of sketchup, sketchup Go

I’m able to see all this in your import, but it is spread out over a large distance in all directions.
You need to clean up the .dwg before you import it.
I can’t advise you on autocad.

Ok thanks. I don’t need all the layers actually, I just need a simple 2D site plan. I have that in a PDF. Can I just import that to sketchup?

If you convert the .pdf to .png or .jpg you can just drag and drop them.

If you want to learn how to solve the problem (imported this specific dwg) only in SketchUp Go (web)


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If only…

Thanks this was really helpful - problem solved with a conversion from PDF to JPEG and importing a JPEG.

I am also requesting a revised site plan DWG file for easier import.