Can I import DWG files to Sketchup Go web based version?

I am trying to import a dog file to sketchup web version with no joy. I use import, or drag and drop to an open project. Sketchup prepares the file, but when it says it is ready to download, nothing happens when I hit download. Doesn’t appear in the project, or as a file in Trimble connect.
What am I doing wrong?

Hmm, meant to say DWG not dog

Maybe there’s someing wrong wih .dwg file. Or maybe you just need to zoom extents after importing it. Share the .dwg so we can see what you are importing. Also make sure you are waiting for the conversion to complete.

There’s be a green window that opens at the top when the conversion completes. Click on the Import button.

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Yes I got green window as above, but when I hit either import, or view imports nothing happens. BTW I’d be happy to post the DWG for you to look at, but don’t know how. Novice!

If it’s less than 16 Mb, drag and drop the .dwg file into a reply here. If it’s larger, upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

What browser are you using?

2a Merivale Existing.dwg (433.5 KB)

This is the file.
Browser is safari.
On a Mac

It imports for me but it’s got some issues. When I import it into SketchUp Pro I get this:

S’cuse my ignorance. Further confusion. Something does seem to have imported, though not visible. Here’s a screenshot…

It supposed to be an architect’s model of my house.

It doesn’t look like a model of a house. It looks like this in SketchUp.

Here’s the file. I didn’t know what units so I imported in feet.
Merivale Existing.skp (295.3 KB)

@DaveR , it looked the same in DWG TrueView. It has several Xrefed raster images that are missing.
It is probably using map coordinates. The geometry is located more than ten million units from the origin. What is the unit used in the file? Decimeter?

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I’m in Uk so it’d certainly be metric either meters or millimetres my guess.

Thanks Anssi. Not sure I get any further, I’m still in kindergarten learning sketchup. Just trying to import an Architechts drawing of my place so I can have play.

The street on the map is 75 units wide. The stair in the house is 14 units wide and a double door is 21 units. Too big for meters and too small for millimeters or centimeters.

You can resize the file I shared.

Here is my attempt at scaling the file “correctly”…
merrivale.skp (314.7 KB)