Help please! 2d Architecture Landscape Plans


Hey everyone,
I work for a landscape company and require 2d plans to submit for planning applications. We receive CAD plans from the developers (I’ve attached a pdf format as an example) and need to be able to amend them and does anyone know the best way of doing it using SketchUp?


You just got a photo (raster) of a plan. Depending on what ‘amend’ you want to bring, either ask for DWG file, or redraw the plan vectorially, or you can use a 2D graphic program (Photoshop, Affinity) to make certain changes to the photo.

Yes this is just a pdf photo version of the plan. We do get dwg plans too which I can draw over but not sure how to follow curves without doing them freehand which doesnt really work.

You’ll use Arc tool or Bezier Spline.

Thank you

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It can be possible to use the cad file itself but they need to be of good quality, the cad structure appears to allow certain inaccuracies that cause the files to fail in sketchup, but a good one can be repaired.
Working out the best way to get the info from one to the other including your alterations can be quite a challenge.
Attaching a cad file might get some better info to help you to move forward.