Easiest way to connect edges



I have this very simple model aa.skp (168.0 KB)

How do I connect the edges A, B, C and D with a plane? I think it will not possible to make a single plane that covers all these points, so how can I make the most beautifull plane that fully connects all those edges? I would like to make this as aerodynamically as possible so if it could be a smooth surface it would be nice.


Hello. First things first. I almost lost your model because it was about to fall into the endless sky! :scream:

There. Now it’s better.

There are several ways you can achieve what you want. But note, that whatever you do, you’re going to have a curved surface, not a flat plane. Here’s a slow-paced, plugin-free way. I like to call this method “weaving” because it looks similar to how a spider weaves its web. When you’re done, pick the Eraser Tool, hold down CTRL and pass over the drawn edges to smooth them. Cheers! :slight_smile:


I really liked your way! Really easy and super super handy! The only “problem” is that if I have a more complex surface I would have to create lines for each plane I need to cretate. Anyway,your idea is very good! If no other better solution is presented I will accept your response, thanks a lot my friend!


You’re welcome. For relatively simple curved geometries this is a good approach. If you have something more curvy and organic, your best bet is to use the plugins such as Curviloft or Soap Skin & Bubble.


Great man I was not aware of those plugins, THANKS A LOT MY FRIEND!


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