How to create smooth surface or plane from multiple faces

Is there any way using plugins or native commands to smooth or combine planes into one? I cant seem to figure it out. Any advice or direction would be great. Thanks.

A screenshot doesn’t help much. How about uploading the file or the part that contains the road bending.

p.s. if that is a SketchUp model you’ll need to turn on displaying edges before you can draw edges that remain visible.


I disabled the terrain layer and the snapshot layer to clearly see the pink, white and yellow? blocks indicating paths. Then I turned on ‘Hidden Geometry’ but although hidden edges do show intersections they do not intersect. Even though they seem to be in one plane (z=0)

Also IntersectEdges seems to be on so I don’t know why 'Intersect faces with …" won’t work on a selection of road faces.


You can create a dummy group (just a few edges) to start from and then inside that group redraw over the colored blocks to create a smooth path:

select everything, in softern edges, uncheck and unsoften it all. In entity info - uncheck soft and smooth.
All the lines should come back…see attached. Then you can more easily combine them.

Not sure why the road geometry was built this way, but it wouldnt take too long (outside of the group) to trace over these roadways with a bezier curve tool or even the line and arc tool. You will end up with better geometry.

Also note the faces are all reversed too.

To help with the above selection you can switch on wireframe mode.

CONTEXT MODEL w lines.skp (2.7 MB)

To more efficiently join all this up (once you have re-established your lines, you can run through the roads and delete all the lines that run across the roads, leaving only the sides/perimeters in place…they will have gaps between them. Then use “Edge Tools”. Select you roads, invoke edge tools and set the tollerace to say 36" (a little more than your biggest gaps, the tool will then connect all of those gaps automatically.

Thank you both. It seems like either way it will still be a pretty large effort. There are quite a lot of streets not captured in the model I attached. I was hoping for a cleaner solution, but again, I do appreciate the help.

Question is, where did you get this “road map” from? For maybe the solution is in obtaining a better import or whatever source you got. Since there was something wrong with what you have presented here.

It was a clip from OpenStreetMap and then imported into sketchup. Maybe I can look around to see if there are any topics on it there.

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