Each color constant in an animation

If you color a face, you’ll notice that the hue changes slightly depending on how it’s rotated. I want to know how to turn that off, so that a face with a given color has a constant color regardless of its orientation.

This is something different from a shadow, and happens regardless of whether or not shadows are turned off, and regardless of whether cast/receive shadows are turned off.

More specifically, I have a multicolored model (with semitransparent faces and interior faces). It is supposed to look like something with curved surfaces, but really I triangulated it and then hid all the edges except for ones going between different colors. But as I rotate this around, you can still see my triangulation because the triangles sometimes take slightly different colors from their neighbors. How can I stop that from happening?

Thanks in advance.

I cannot seem to delete my post, but I discovered how to do this.

You go into “shadow settings,” check “use sun for shading,” turn “light” all the way down, and turn “dark” all the way up. Notice that if you are doing this in an animation, you need to update your scenes with the shadow settings like this, or they will revert to the default.

Maybe this will help someone with a similar issue…

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