Dynamo Dream: Incredible Sci-Fi Short Film by Ian Hubert (Blender CGI)

Found this over on Sketchucation in a post by Pilou — in my view it rivals anything produced by major VFX studios — check it out:

The CGI is incredible — with some of the most beautiful world-building I’ve ever seen — and all the more impressive since it’s primarily the work of one 3D artist… and all done in Blender. (It took him 3 years to produce this 1st episode, but once you’ve seen it you’ll understand why!).

Awesome film - it’s even better if you’ve watched his Lazy Tutorials because they show exactly how he created a lot of those effects.

Super cool!

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I didn’t actually know of Ian’s work until coming across this film, but I searched out some of the Lazy tutorials afterwards — since they were referenced by so many of the YT commentators.

Maybe it will be a prod for me to finally execute my never-quite-implemented plan to fully learn Blender :slight_smile:

By the way Justin, I appreciate all your efforts in producing such great educational content for SU and Blender!

Well it’s a big program for sure - focus on the stuff you’re really interested in first - it’s super easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole ;p

Glad I could help!

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