Dynamic Components - Random Errors


I have just started learning dynamic components. I started by making more basic things like cabinets and doors. I then decided to tackle drawer boxes!

I have made my drawer box out of 5 main components and then within these there are groups. (I used groups so the DC could work with OpenCut List too). I read a lot of these forums to understand the best way to make a mitred drawer box.

I started using the drawer box in my models and noticed a few errors, I would investigate the errors and then out of nowhere it would be solved, without me fixing anything.

For example, in component options, I have the choice to change the depth, width and height of the box. When I changed the height, it also randomly adjusted the depth and width too but now it is not doing it.

Do you think there could be something wrong with my dynamic component or is it some sort of glitch that can’t be found?

Thanks in advance!

Seems possible that there’s something in the way you’ve built the component but it would be odd that it would just fix itself.

The only DC I’ve made that I use on a regular basis is a drawer box designed specifically for use with a certain kind of undermount drawer glides. I’ve never experienced one dimension changing when I change a different one.

Hi Dave,

Hmm this is strange.
I wanted to have the option to change the depth, width and height as all the drawer boxes we make our custom. It worked earlier and then had this glitch, so I thought maybe I accidentally changed a formula but I checked it and couldn’t spot any mistakes and now it seems to be ok.

Wondered if DC sometimes has random glitches :thinking:

Maybe you weren’t holding your tongue right?

Keep an eye on it and see what happens.

The component I made was for projects for a client who orders drawer boxes from a supplier of such things. The numbers in the gray fields are the ones needed by the supplier for pricing and manufacture.
Screenshot - 1_12_2022 , 11_21_37 AM

Not sure what you mean about holding my tongue?

My DC is definitely more basic from the client facing side, if you know what I mean.

Is it possible to have a look over it and see if you can spot any errors?

Dynamic Drawer Box.skp (132.2 KB)

Sorry. Sort of a joke.

I’ll look at your component and see if I can see anything.

Mine is pretty basic from the client side, too. I just give my client the numbers exacted from the components. I can generate a report with just the numbers he needs to send on to his drawer supplier.

There is indeed something odd about your component. I haven’t dug into it yet but this is what I see when I change the depth of the drawer box. Do you really build drawer boxes with mitered corners?

Further looking at your model is making my head spin. It looks like you’ve got some dimensions tied to the wrong attributes. The sub-groups you need for the miters and the bottom parts with the groove arenot helping. I’m thinking this is a job for an expert like @pcmoor.

I wonder about the value of showing the miters and the grooves for the drawer bottom. Maybe those details aren’t needed. They won’t show in your cutlist and if you always use the same groove width and distance from the bottom edge, perhaps it’s not something that really needs to be detailed in the model.

Thanks for having a look.

Yeah I’m just one of the designers and then the model goes over to our workshop to be made. We like to make sure everything is drawn how we want it to be made so there’s no confusion!

Any help is appreciated! I may have to redraw it, sometimes I think that’s easier than trying to fix something when you don’t know the issue :sweat_smile:

Rebuilding might be the best option.

Does the client need to see that the drawer box corners are mitered? Do they need to see the grooves for the drawer bottoms? Not not omitting them won’t hurt anything as far as the client is concerned. If the shop has a standard setup for making these things, maybe you could create a standard model with views for LayOut to show the dimensions and add it to the document separately.

In my drawer box I didn’t bother to even try to hide the overlaps of the drawer parts because the client would never see it anyway. You could hide edges though to make it look more like it should.

Sometimes we show the client details from their project which may display the mitre but not all the time. I’ll have a think about how we draw them!

I’ll look again with fresh eyes tomorrow :joy:

Thank you for your help!

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My simple box has in it only two parts: Outer shell, 6 faces, and the interior as a hole-cutting group.

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I have spent my morning redrawing it. I made sure to do it really methodically and take my time thinking about the formulas and axis. I am using groups and components so it works with OpenCutList too.

I wanted to try with the mitred joints one more time as this is our ideal way of displaying our boxes.

It seems to be working fine but ever so occasionally I’ll adjust one size in the ‘component options’ box and it will also adjust another size too (just like before) :thinking: Or I will type in a dimension and it won’t change, I will type another dimension in the same box and it changes to the first one I typed in!! (this could be confusing to understand what I mean :sweat_smile:)

The only thing I haven’t done this time around, is hidden any lines to clean up the drawing, that’ll be my last step.

It feels like some sort of bug or glitch as it is sporadic and 9 times out of 10 doesn’t happen.

I wonder if this happens with anyone else

DC Drawer Box.skp (247.3 KB)

I’m not sure about sporadic. I have problems with it every time I change a dimension. The first one looked like this.

You seem to have an awful lot of nesting levels. From what I can see some groups are getting missed. I wonder if you wouldn’t be better off to at least reduce the nesting levels in the component.

That’s interesting as I’m not have any issues with positions. It is purely the dimensions I am struggling with.

I wonder what will happen when I bring it into another model :thinking:

I opened your component, the formulas work after a redraw of the component which was placed incorrectly.
At home, it was the front panel. I deleted the instance and add a new from the model’s component definitions list. And now everything seems to be working.
I do not know for what reason, but it is the instance which was at fault and not its definition.
Curious !

Interesting. I wonder why that happened!