Dynamic components named w/ special characters ( ", /, etc.) cause problems


I seem to have found a bug. I’ve been running into all kinds of problems when I create dynamic components and assign attributes to components and sub-components that include special characters in their name. So far " and / have been found to cause problems.

This issue has been discussed by some programers in this thread where they suggest a fix.


And the fix is easy: Don’t use those characters. You should note that the same applies also if you want to export the components into separate files. Windows or MacOS don’t allow these in file names either (except quotes).


Hello @mikepabell,
My recommendation would be to not use special characters as they are not a great idea to use in components anyway.

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Hey guys,

Do you think . and - are ok to put in component names?

Also, is there any way to refresh the names in the Component Attributes window? I’ve changed all my component names so that they don’t have special characters, which is reflected in the Outliner and the Components window, but not in the Component Attributes window.

I’m still experiencing problems when I add attributes to dynamic components; certain component groups change their positions.

In case anyone wants to check it out, here’s the model:

Shear Wall 01, Dynamic 15.skp (3.0 MB)


I would think that the underscore is OK but I wouldn’t use the dash as it might cause problems in formulas (being also the minus sign). That’s why I wouldn’t use the plus sign either.