Dynamic Components Exploding When Moved

Ok… I admit I am getting old but I am trying to keep my brain active relearning Dynamic Components… but have to admit I am struggling to understand the logic of why some of my components explode when I move them…

I know how to fix the problem… but I don’t know why I have the problem in the first place or wether this is just another wierd DC bug/feature…

I did research previous forum topics and found this post that described the issue and the solution but not why it occured…

So I reused the subject matter and stepped thru the process of fixing the issue but can someone explain the logic behind this needing a fix ?

This is the sample DC used in the post. I am focussing on the left stile. (yellow)… note the Y position refers to the parent components Y position value.

When the DC is moved along the Y axis the DC explodes (not literally :slight_smile: ) and the left stile moves twice the distance of the parent objects Y move distance…

Note the Left Stlles X and Z values are set at zero and the left sile does not move on relation to those axes.

So if you simply reset the Y value to zero the problem is solved…

But Why ? The Left Stile is refering to the parent Y position and it is clearly 23" yet it moves 46"

By explode, you mean they move apart?

When editing any DC child, the parent should be attributes should be visible. “Can’t interrogate a child without the parent present”
Actually the position of the child is dependent on the parent, when you take them out of context, the child will move to its world coordinates, or some erratic position. Closing and doing a redraw should fix this…

If still moving around, then likely an error. then please post the naughty one.

Another problem is uniqueness, some persistent deep group or component, I use “deep unique” extension to make sure copies are fully unique after copy. before modification

Sorry @pcmoor, She who must be obeyed called me away to lunch as I was creating the post :slight_smile:
Thank you for the quick reply… here is the DC from the original post… I just wanted to use it to highlight the issue, not the detail of the coding of the entire file…

DC Shaker Door.skp (68.2 KB)

PS not sure what you mean by closing and redraw? closing the file? and reopening - did not correct the issue… nor did “refreshing” in the componnts Attribute dialogue box. nor did selected “Redraw” from the context menu :dynamic components" option…

There is nothing wrong with component, I suspect the environment - file where built or placed has some part refencing another of same. So when the same meet they swap formulars to which was placed first. The building on existing, remodel, one needs to make the objects and its children unique within same file. A common mistake is to saveas as another file, change name and use. Then bring it together with the one it was built from.

unfortunately I cannot install “Deep Unique” extension… I download via the Trimble Broswer SU Extensions web page… then find the download on my desktop using and SU extension manager hit Install and nothing happens… tried 2 downloads… tried from a fresh SU startup… Zilch activity… maybe a side effect of disabling access web based tools to users of SU Pro 2021 at the end of January… and it does not appear to be on sktchucation…

Actually was able to uinstall via the Sketchucation Plugin Archives option in their extension… weird!

right click on DC, see if on menu, or greyed out

ahh, greyed out !

There is a way to find the offender, in the collection with info open, see if there any children that have more than one instance

? sorry Philip… not really clear what your suggesting !

there is a cross contamination in the formulas, if you place the likely DCs into one file, one at a time, then redraw each added one. should pinpoint the problem DCs, a check in the entity info should find the repeated sub-component, that needs to be made unique and amended

you could deep unique the first DC with same child, then delete, purge and reinsert the problem one, as the previous inference should have resolved, saves rewriting

ok noted… thanks for that… the problem of the displaced left stile was occuring in a file that had no other components… thats why I struggle to understand how it could be cross contamination. Further a simple deleting of the call of the child value to the parent value corrected the problem… are you suggesting that the DC was historically corrupted when being created by the author and that is embedded in the final DC?

It is good policy when reusing, copy, then deep make unique, this extension makes groups unique too, dynamic groups are very problematic when copied,

Then all parts unique, then can rebuild the copied one for another purpose

some how it came in contact with original or its copy, maybe when copy made and altered, the original updated, they at one time altering each other, then saved with incorrect formula, which would activate on redraw or a move