Make DC position as default after explode

I have some dynamic components which have child components in it. In some certain conditions I have to explode that. after the explode when I scale the child components or move the child component It’s going to a certain place according to the formula that I entered in the position’s attributes. Is there any plugin or easy way to fix this?

Had to rethink this, the onclick is first then the explode, plus 2.54 conversion for metric
return to current.skp (21.1 KB)

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depending on if you need it to retain DC or not, then deDCify by Eneroth will let you “turn off” the DC functionality.(i use it a lot to remove DC attributes and then edit – with the caveat that some child components inside it may not be unique across DC instances, so using Deep Unique is also recommended before exploding or editing).

if you need to retain the DC, the directly edit the values that are dependent on the parent (like the position ones) so it’s not longer using those or referencing those.