Dynamic components don't work. error message

Dynamic components that I had been using (but haven’t used for some time) get error message and don’t work. I downloaded a dynamic component from 3D warehouse to see if it was something odd about the components I had created. Same problem.

Have you tried clearing the cache of Internet Explorer?

use Extension Manager to confirm that the DC extension is up to date…


How much of the cache should I clear? I cleared Temporary Internet Files and Cookies. that didn’t help.

Temporary Internet files is the part of browser history that is commonly referred to as “cache”. The issue in IE is that sometimes it contains corrupted or outdated files, and then scripts attempt to access objects or methods that are undefined.

I’m not sure what “extension manager” you mean. I used “Extension Warehouse” window to download some components, but got this error

I had previously gone to 3D warehouse and downloaded several components. they had the same problem.

I am using Sketchup Pro 2016

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