Dynamic component with curved area

Is that possible to change the attribute of a dynamic component consist of curved area without change the attribute of the curved area?
when i change the length of a component which consist a curved area, the curve also changing here.
here i attached the images of what i am asking.
Is there any solution?

Split the component into smaller components so you can stretch the straight parts and just move the parts with the curves.

yes… that’s what i did already. but i am asking is to keep it as a single component?

Nest the three elements together into a component.

Resizing geometry with a Dynamic Component is a scaling operation. To avoid scaling the curves you have to avoid scaling that part of the geometry. You do that by separating the sections into separate components. You can hide the edges and faces at the joins.


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Could you please send this source file for better understanding.

Sorry. I didn’t keep it. You can see the setup in the Attributes panel on the left in my screen shot.

If you don’t mind could you please recreate it send me. I could not understand which is component1 which is component2 and which is component3.

Sorry. I haven’t got time right now to do that. Component #1 is the left end, Component#2 is the center one, and Component #3 is the right hand end.

Ok. What’s happening in this area?

I think the explanations are very good. You just have to copy the formulas that @DaveR has put.

yeah i can understand the formula… but could not understand which part is component1,component2 and component3?

I told you that.

issue.skp (123.1 KB)
what’s the mistake i am making here?

Sorry to bother you @DaveR

Divide the component into three sections like in your screenshot here.

ok. got it. thank you so much @DaveR