Dynamic Component Bug changes component to very small or very long

Hey SketchUp Community,

i am currently working on a model of a human in SketchUp Pro 2017 and I am experiencing a bug happening, which causes components to change its size to very huge or very small.

What I have been doing is creating a human body out of many dynamic components. So as you can see in the picture without bug, i did create a body consisting of leg, arm, head, lower torso and upper torso. These components are consisting of components itself. For Example, the dynamic component leg (named ‘Bein_links’) is consisting of the dynamic components “OS_links” and “US_links” (which is a german abbreviation and stands for Upper leg left and lower leg left).

On the component Mannequin which is the top component I want to create a variable named P which is a number for different body sizes. So for example P=1 stands for a short male person, P=2 stands for an average male person. I want to give this variable down to the next component (for example Bein_links–>P=Mannequin!P).

And this is the part where i am experiencing the bug. When i connect those P- Variables as I explained above, the size of the lower leg is automatically changing down to size 0 in just a few steps, though there is nothing changing or faulty in the formula itself which I used to give a size to the lower leg.
I have attached some pictures so you guys can see what i am trying to talk about.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? I also had the situation in another version of the model, that the size is changing to an infinetly long size before it completely disappears.
Perhaps it has to do with the complexity of the model, consisting of many subcomponents?

I am very grateful for any tips, suggestions or solutions you guys can come up with, as i am currently stuck in a dead end.
Thanks for taking the time!

despite the unique names for your definition of ben_links, you have the same name for the parts in the attribute dialog (copied), Double click on the label and a dialog will allow you to change it. Best to match with your definition name for easy recognition

thanks for the advice pcmoor! but that won’t solve the bug, just helping me to get a more organized looking model. did i get that right?

You do need to change one of the labels, otherwise bein_links! references to both…then unexpected results. The children that use this reference need to be relinked as well. There could be other scaling issues. Can you share the file? otherwise private message me.

Hello there, so i had a deeper look into the model, and came across some components which had the same label, and i have changed them to make them unique now.
But still i am experiencing the bug. I will attach the file to this post, so you can reproduce the bug. Just go to the overall component Mannequin and try adding a few attributes. This leads to changing the size of the left leg to being really huge just by adding a few attribute.

thanks for the advice so far and hoping someone will find a solution!

Mannequin_3_3.skp (2.5 MB)

There is an axis problem with the lower leg skin

hey philip, thank you again very much for your help! Up until now i have been working with the first model new_man that you sent back to me and it is all working fairly well. I also added rotations and a ‘user can select different sizes’ drop down menu and i do not experience any of the bugs.
so, thank you for helping and i will let you know if it all works out in the end. I am not too far away from finishing the human model.

best regards!

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