Dynamic Component Attributes dialog error




One of my customer try to use DC on Sketchup Pro 2017 fr on windows 10 on a session call “Gaëtan” (with an accent).
When he open the attribute dc dialog box its ok. but when he click on “add attribute” and select for exemple “LenX” or “Dimension (add all)”, the attribute field are not added inside the DC attribute.

He have to click on “actived function” in this dialogbox to see it. When is see it the value of the lenX is equel to 0 even if its not true.

After enter a formula the field disappear again, …

Any idea ?

ps: On a previous release of Sketchup, DC was not working with french keyboard.


DC 's dialog windows can act a little unpredictable, sometimes , which version of DC is installed? (Check extension manager)


Similar error reported in this thread, which I posted a quick fix:


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