Custom attributes in dynamic components

Hi, when I try to add the custom attributes to my dynamic component, the component does not respond to the values I enter. What can the reason be for this?

We would have no idea unless you post the DC component, or show us the formulae for your custom attributes.

What do you mean? Custom attributes (the ones with names given by you) do not have a direct connection to the model. They are just containers for the data or formulas you enter. To affect component behaviour, its standard attriibutes (position, dimension etc) must have formulas that refer to your custom attributes. SketchUp has no magic sixth sense that could understand what you have meant to happen with your custom attribute values.

Dynamic component tutorial

This video - from 2:45 onwards upto 3:45.
i have followed the same steps as the video and can’t make the changes. How is the guy in the video doing it because I can’t see him adding any formulae

He did not add any formulae. He just set the custom attributes to “User Can edit as a Textbox”, and he set the units for the attributes to “Inches”.

Once he did that, the Component Options dialog displayed the editboxes with his custom attribute names, and he manually entered the values (36 and 24 respectively.)

Lastly (just before the 3:45 mark) he clicked the “Apply” button (at the bottom of the Component Options dialog) and the values were transferred to the DC definition’s “dynamic_attributes” dictionary and were then shown in the Component Attributes dialog within the formula boxes.

So the lesson is that the formulae boxes can contain a formula or a literal value.
In this case the literal values (in the Component Attributes dialog) are coming from an editbox that the user can change in the Component Options dialog.