Dynamic Attribute Documentation?


We’ve made a program to dump out all of the dynamic_attributes for a SketchUp model so that we can investigate what is going on inside of the model. Does there exist documentation of these attributes anywhere? For example, how lenx_nominal relates to lenx or lengthunits to formulaunits, name to _name, etc.

Figuring out which properties have which datatypes and units in particular seems a headache and it would be great if there were a documented algorithm or API for doing that

Thanks in advance

Inside the larger SketchUp User Guide is:

And here in this category, I created a wikilist of DC Resources:

And I myself use Aerilius’ attribute Inspector extension.

The lenx_nominal is a custom attribute, so has no global relational meaning.

It’s use is how the author of that particular DC decided to relate it via formulae.

lengthunits are something built-in (global default) and I think apply to the len_x, len_y and len_z attributes, (perhaps also X, Y and Z.) (I think they get toggled between cm and inches by clicking the ruler icon in the DC Attributes dialog.)

formulaunits I think are a global default setting, but also can vary per custom attribute, ie my_color_setting_formulaunits would automatically be applied to my_color_setting attribute.

Trial and error. Play with changing attributes using the Attribute Inspector.

Attribute names beginning with an underscore are hidden attributes.

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I was trying to get a date in the component option dialog but the only date you can enter is _lastmodified
This is fine for a creation date, but I was trying to get the current date in the component option dialog when a user changes something in rhe other options.

It would be great if DC would have some date functions

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