Formulas in text outputs are reset when editing several components

Hello all,

I have encountered the following problem and you may have noticed something similar before.
I often create dynamic components and have calculated values output as text in the component options (e.g. the volume of a cuboid as products of the 3 lengths).
This works well most of the time, but in the following case an unwanted behaviour occurs.
If I select several components of this definition and change a length in the component options dialogue, it takes over all values equally for all selected components - so far so good. However, Sketchup “deletes” the formula behind the attribute displayed as text for all components and leaves the last value. This is particularly annoying if further calculations / dependencies are based on this.
If the attribute is not displayed as text to the user, everything works as “planned”.
I have now helped myself in the form that I output the values in a string in the Description field, not nice - but it works for now so far.

Maybe you have another solution.

Best regards,
Cubes.skp (24.4 KB)

When you expose attributes to the component options panel, like attributes (same name) will appear in selections of multiple components. If you change one of these it will affect all of the selected DCs with that attribute. I hid your volume calculation attribute from view, try this out:

Cubes rev.skp (19.6 KB)

Thank you for your answer.
I am aware that the attributes that I can edit are transferred to all those with the same name in the selection. What I don’t understand is that attributes which are only declared “for user can see” are “overwritten”.
I also used / described your workaround with the output in the description field and only showed the “volume” field for documentation purposes.

It was only important for me to inform you that this case can occur - as I have only just noticed it in this form.