Dynamic Components Lost Calculations

I have planty of Dynamic Components like: Studs,Crow Plates, Bottom Plates etc. which have a calculation for weight and price. Lately I opened project which had those components and all of them lost formulas inside Attributes.

Did anyone got the same problem??

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Bart R.

Can you post an example? Often the reason is that the component contains an additional layer of nesting, like when you start a new file, create your dynamic component and then save the file and import it into another model.

Building_Template.skp (2.9 MB)
Building_Dominik Matusiak.skp (5.9 MB)

The ā€œBuilding Templateā€ is where I have components working.

The other one is the project with that issue.

I should tell that it worked from the beginning, and after I reopened the ā€œBuilding_Dominik Matusiakā€ as well, because I used it to generate report, and it worked. But today I lost all formulas.

I created dynamic components in ā€œBuilding_Tamplateā€ and then copy and paste it into ā€œBuilding_Dominik Matusiakā€

Thank you for quick respond :pray:

Some how the definition has been over written and the instances have retain their values, I know this can happen when more than one DC is selected and the option dialog is changed, that is the effected DCs lose their formula being overwritten with the value of the last selected DC
If you wish to reinstate the formulas then say for common stud#3. copy paste from the template the stud, it will become ā€œcommon stud#9ā€ in the example given, then go in each nesting, right click select the common stud#3 in the component browser, then from menu select all instances and then select common stud#9, replace all
Quite a lot of nestingā€¦so probably a few hours work?

Thank for your reply PCMOOR :pray:

So for the future. I should never select multiple copies of the same Dynamic Component and change the value in Component Option dialog? Is that correct?

Mostly Iā€™m doing that when I want to change thickness of some Studs or entire wall frame. I select all studs and write desired thickness in the dialog.

Yes, one needs to create a script to alter a specific attribute without effecting the others. So changing one stud then copying that should be the way to go,

But in this case the idea of creating or bringing an extra DC (stud#3), making it unique,(stud#1) then altering the entire frame with selection of (stud#3) copies via the options, then whilst still selected, replace with the new component (stud#1) via component browser will reinstate the formula.

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Thank you again :pray:

I guess, I choose the first option - change one and copy it. :ok_hand: