Dynamic component attribute windows not loading

Hi all,

In one of my customer office, on:
→ sketchup pro 2016 and 2015 pro ,
→ on windows 7 ,
→ french release
→ inside a big company
dynamic component attribute windows doesn’t work.

When user make a right click or click on the attribute button of dynamic component the following message is display.

We try with administrator session.

DC Option windows is working, dynamic tool (finger, scale, …) is woking fine.

Maybe some security stuff or installing trouble ?

I try to open le manager.html with IE11 on the same machine and I have the same error.

Please help.

Was SketchUp installed as an administrator ?
An ordinary user with admin-powers is NOT the same thing.

The installer’s exe icon should be selected and the context-menu item used ‘Run as administrator…’

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Thanks for yours answer.

I change the manager.html and intergrate the javascript inside it.
Its not the good solution but it save me during my training.