DWG To Sketch Up 2021 issue

Helpfully, my first post got flagged as Spam…

Trying again.

I’ve drawn up a plate section in Autocad 2022 but when I import it to SU 2021 it is not even slightly accurate - holes that should be round are random shaped, there is no detail etc.

The only way I can get it to look anything like it should is to explode the DWG, however this makes it so surfaces are not recognised and SU just sees it as a collection of lines.

Really struggling with this and I need the SU model to show the concept to people without AC…



I wonder why it was flagged as spam. I asked you to share the .dwg and .skp files so I could see what you’ve got and help you get it straightened out.

No idea?

Bolt Plates - IF1 Trial.dwg (158.0 KB)

This is the CAD model

And it looks like this when it is imported

It comes in looking like a mess but exploding the components to raw geometry seems to take care of it. Some strange about the .dwg file.

What are the actual dimensions of the panels?

3m x 600mm

What’s 3 mm?

3 metres X 600 mm. 4 mm thick steel

bolt plates.skp (430.1 KB)

Importing the file as meters and exploding looks OK to me. I would guess that the AutoCad blocks had their origin points somewhere on the other side of the Moon. I don’t have AutoCad, only a viewer so I couldn’t check.


Nice one…


One thing I have noticed and haven’t found a way to change is to display measurements to three decimal places…

Can it be done?

You’re welcome.

FWIW, I’d have probably chosen to model those directly in SketchUp. Nothing very difficult about them and I expect you’d get cleaner components.

Yes. In Window>Model Info>Units.

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Cheers, Dave.

Life saver. I should get more used to SU. It seems like a good tool.

One more question…like Columbo…

Can you measure and get the dimension to stick so it is visible?

It is if you use it correctly. What is the intent for having these bolt plates in SketchUp?

Yeah. Use the Dimension tool.

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Thank you. You have been a great help.

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Sorry, just saw your question…

It’s to give a better visualization for the wider team… They like pretty pictures…

I see. You can do a lot of things with the SketchUp model. You could add a texture or show the thing in use . Maybe make an exploded view. Use LayOut to create a document showing the objects with dimensions and other information…

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I need to spend some time with it.

There’s a lot to learn

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