Dwg import fails

Hey Dear forum members,

I tried to import some dwg files, it seems to work, in the outliner a component is listed, but there is no content, no lines/faces are displayed in the viewport. When I click on the component in the outliner and then s for scale I get the scaling grips but i don’t see anything in it.
These are the files:
M016.dwg (1.5 MB)
M16_FORK.dwg (57.9 KB)

Opening them in autodesk dwg trueview is possible, unfortunately I don’t have autocad…

Please can anyone help me to get the files 2 sketchup or tell me how to :slight_smile:
Thanks, very much

What are you using for import units?

Check the colors assigned to tags are they all set to white!

Are you still using SketchUp 2021?

hey DaveR,
don’t know I did nothing special, closed and reopended sketchup (24studio) and the dwg is displayed, I did import in mm. Thank you…::))