Dwg file and problem in Layout

Hi guys I need some advice
I received a dwg file and opened in sketchup
So far all good, but when I open in layout I can’t choose any scale but 1:1 and the plan is so small

What do I do?

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you are working with?

Hi Dave, sure I’ll add both the layout and the Dwg file
A4_TEMPLATE landscape copy.layout (825.8 KB)

here is the dog file
Roma Park The Retreat1.dwg (419.2 KB)

Can you give me a dimension from something in the .dwg? It appears there’s something strange with the .dwg. For example I imported the .dwg into SketchUp using Meters as the import units. Many of the doors are under 400mm wide.

Multiplying by 2.54 might make it right. Meter/Inch/Centimeter problem?
Edit: I checked, the doors are just drawn plain wrong.