*.dwg Export error

Hi, In Pro 2019 when I export 2D to DWG format, I have errors in all my lines. They are not the correct length? Example: a 1 meter line in sketchup is 1,101 meter in dwg file ? Is it a bug or my mistake ?

Can you share a SketchUp model file that shows this problem?

A common cause of inaccuracies in 2d dwg exports is that the user doesn’t set the camera to a standard view (usually top) and set the camera to parallel projection before exporting the file.

If a standard view is not selected and/or the camera is set to perspective, a skewed dwg will be produced along with the innacuracy.

There could be other issues aside that too.


lines_1_mtr.skp (174.7 KB)

File uploaded

Without doing anything to the model other than opening it, I can see that Ian hit the nail on the head. You have the Camera set to perspective in your model. Set it to Parallel Projection, reselct the Top view and try your export again.

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I changed to parallel projection, and now the lines are 1 meter! thanks! :slight_smile:

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